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What do we Do?

Audio Visual services for the Corporate and Residential markets incorporating – Consulting, Design, Systems Integration, Technical Drafting, Contracting, Installation, System Programming, Training and Documentation.

  • Home Theatre, Multi Room Audio & Video
  • Boardroom, Conferencing & Training Rooms
  • Lighting Control & Standby Energy Management
  • Home Automation & Universal Remote Controls
  • HD Media Distribution & Audio Visual IT Networking
  • Breakdown, Fault Finding & Routine Maintenance
  • Audio Visual Equipment Setup & System Tuning
  • Swimming Pool & Spa Automation

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The areas we Service?

EziAV Services the greater Gold Coast, Brisbane & Northern Rivers NSW Regions.

  • Gold Coast – Southern, Central, Northern & Hinterland
  • Northern Rivers NSW
  • Brisbane

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Why Choose Us?

With 25 years in the Audio Visual industry, EziAV has extensive expertise in both Commercial and Residential projects.

We only use quality products & materials from suppliers that we know will back us up with great service, thereby giving our customers the confidence of ongoing serviceability and a quality experience.
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Universal Remote Controls

Break the remote breeding cycle. Universal Remote Controls or Smart Remotes makes using today’s technology easy with a complete line of award-winning home and corporate control solutions from Crestron and RTI. With the ability to control the board room, home theatre, multi room audio & video, lighting, blinds, air conditioning, standby eliminators and security, Crestron & RTI provides a simple, unified interface for today’s home and corporate control demands. With a complete line-up of handheld and in-wall controllers, as well as powerful system processors, Crestron & RTI products can be integrated into virtually any home environment for a truly enjoyable control experience.
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Home Theatre

Home Theatre design is a balancing act between the room acoustic design & room fabrics, ambient lighting control, lighting design, room control system, speaker selection, amplification, video & audio switching, display device, projection screen surface, cabling types and room seating.
Whether you are designing a new room or retrofitting an existing room, general quality level of the equipment, length of warranties provided by the manufacturer, serviceability and maintainability of the system, acoustic and display configuration and finally your budget are all important considerations. EziAV can guide you through all of the Home Theatre issues to maximise your investment and your listening and viewing pleasure.
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Multi Room Audio & Video

Let the music move you with the AD-4 audio distribution system from RTI. Go to the exercise room to summon your iPod®, listen to broadcast radio in the kitchen, internet radio in the backyard, and a CD in the living room – all at the same time. With four analogue audio source inputs and outputs, wherever you go – the music moves with you. An integrated 8-channel amplifier provides plenty of power, while zone independent volume and tone control brings the sound to life. When you combine the AD-4 with RTI central processors, remote controls, touch panels, and keypads, this RTI distributed audio solution easily keeps pace with the rhythm of your life.
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Audio Visual Tips:
In today’s world of wireless Computing and Audio Visual Control having a reliable wireless network is essential, Take to us about a pakedgedevice wireless solution for your Home or Office.
Wireless Computer Networking Issues?, Get the right Equipment for the Job!
When buying a Universal Remote Control, purchase one that transmits its information to the AV Equipment by Radio Frequency (RF) and not by Infrared (IR) because when sending by RF the AV System is unlikely to miss a command.
Remote Control RF, Radio Frequency NOT Infrared
Have you ever bought an Audio System from a shop and when you get it home, it sounded very different from the shop demonstration? Your room acoustics are probably different to the shops. For best results, your room should be Professionally Calibrated with the appropriate acoustic treatments added to the room.
Audio Quality, Sounds Different than in the Shop?
When you purchase a Display Device (Flat Panel Display or Projector) it comes from the factory with generic colour settings. To ensure the most realistic image from your Display device, get the system calibrated by an AV professional.
Display Quality, Flat Panel or Projector
End the remote breeding cycle! Are you having trouble finding the correct sequence and which buttons to push on which remotes to even turn the system on? Consolidate all of those remotes on the coffee table into ONE, call EziAV for an appraisal of your needs.
Remote Control Clutter, End it Now!

Home Automation

EziAV uses its 25 years expertise and experience to integrate all aspects of your automation needs into a simple to use interface. Some of areas that can be automated are:

  • Home Theatre
  • Lighting & Blinds
  • Security & Access Control
  • Multi Room Audio & Video
  • Standby Energy Management
  • Watering Systems
  • Intercom & Door Stations
  • Garage Door & Gates
  • Pools & Water Features

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Standby Energy Management

Standby Energy Management can be called by several other names – Stand-by Eliminators, Remote Reboot Devices, Energy Savers & Power Switchers. Standby Energy Management has two main functions: firstly to eliminate appliances using stand-by power thus saving energy producing cost savings; secondly as a reboot function for when appliances stop responding and require a power cycle to reboot them.
EziAV has a complete range of Standby Energy Management devices which we can supply only or supply and install to meet your control type requirements.

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Audio Visual IT Networking

EziAV recognises that the Audio Visual industry is moving to a backbone TCPIP Network (Ethernet) infrastructure for distributing High Definition Video, Audio & Control as examples.
For new or existing networks this can lead to potential issues of unacceptable band width utilisation with the effect of slowing your entire network to a snail’s pace. EziAV can assist in resolving these issues by designing both your wired and wireless networks to ensure both the Audio Visual systems and the IT systems can coexist on the same network.

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